Careers pages are extremely valuable assets when it comes to attracting talent, so how do you make yours stand out?

According to the Talent Board’s 2015 Candidate Experience report, 64% of candidates list careers pages as their most-used research channel when searching for new opportunities. This means that your careers page may be the factor that determines whether or not a candidate submits an application. Because of this, more and more companies are investing in modern and up-to-date careers pages in order to attract a newer generation of job seekers and maintain a competitive edge. A successful careers page attracts the best candidates in the talent pool by displaying an employee brand and company culture that they would love to be a part of.

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For inspiration on how to design a careers page that will boost your recruitment branding and attract the most qualified candidates, check out these “7 Careers Pages You’ll Want to Copy for Your Website.” 

1. Spotify


Spotify’s careers page is a perfect example of how to combine your company brand with your employee culture. With page headings such as “Join the Band” and “Backstage,” Spotify is targeting candidates that have a passion for their product: music.

While not every company works with something as universally engaging as rock ‘n roll, incorporating your product or service into your careers site in a fun or interesting way can help you attract candidates who are genuinely interested and passionate in what you do.

Here are some other features to copy from Spotify’s careers page:

• A picture and quote of your CEO from a seminar or event they attended; Spotify shows Daniel Ek, their CEO, at his TED Talk.

• A hashtag for candidates to follow where current employees can talk about their experiences with the company; Spotify created #spotifypeople.

• A brief description about your exciting onboarding process for new hires; Spotify explains how they fly new members to their Stockholm HQ to meet the CEO, make new friends and get to know the company culture.

2. Slack

SlackIn order to highlight their values, Slack uses images that their target candidates can relate to. For example, each of their core principles is complemented with a matching emoji: “empathy” has the red heart emoji, “craftsmanship” has the hammer emoji and “thriving” has the sunflower emoji. These colourful icons illustrate a modern and connected company culture and attract candidates from the digital generation.

Use creative images that your target candidates will connect with in order to express a company culture that makes them feel like they already belong.

Here are some other features to copy from Slack’s careers page:

• Numbers or statistics that describe your perks and benefits; if you work at Slack, they will pay 100% of your healthcare premiums and $2000 or equivalent annually for your professional development.

• A tab for your internship opportunities; Slack has a page dedicated to their internship program, with a video featuring previous interns and an explanation of the internship timeline.

• A way to sort job openings, especially if you have a long list; Slack allows you to sort their 159 positions by location and department.

3. Eventbrite

EventbriteEventbrite has created a company culture with original names for its company and employees, calling their community the “Briteland” and their employees the “Britelings.” They even feature what they call “Barklings,” which are their 57 office dogs. This demonstrates a fun employee culture and attracts candidates who want to be part of a tight-knit team.

Give your team an identity that top talent won’t be able to find in other companies. Like Eventbrite, you can use your company name to identify your employees--and hopefully this will inspire your candidates to want to identify themselves this way, too.

Here are some other features to copy from Eventbrite’s careers page:

• A blog dedicated to your employee culture; Eventbrite’s “Briteling Blog” features day-in-the-life articles about the office dogs and interviews with various employees.

• A link to your company’s social media that gives candidates a peek at your employees as well as some of your company’s accomplishments; a picture of one of Eventbrite’s “Barklings” takes you to their Instagram page.

• Photos of your leaders, especially those that might be in contact with candidates during the hiring process; Eventbrite features photos and short biographies for each of their leaders and founders. 

4. Air Canada

Air CanadaWhile Air Canada’s careers page combines many of the features from the other successful company sites on this list, what makes it unique is how they handle the application form. After a candidate clicks apply, Air Canada supplies a timeline that walks them through the entire recruitment process. This improves candidate experience and keeps candidates engaged with the application process.

Supply your candidates with information about what to expect after they apply in order to keep their experience positive and excite candidates for the rest of the recruitment process.  

Here are some other features to copy from Air Canada’s careers page:

• A description of how you recognise high-performing employees with awards or bonuses; Air Canada has a section about their “Award of Excellence” programme and their “Service Anniversary” celebrations.

• A FAQs page for quick answers to various concerns that candidates might have about the process; Air Canada’s FAQs page is broken up into five sections: general, application process, application, video assessment and active employees.

• A short origin story about how the company got started; Air Canada tells the story of their first flight in 1937, and how that led to them being one of the top 20 airlines in the world.

5. Airbnb

AirbnbAs a company that relies on diverse people and places all across the globe for their business success, Airbnb has designed their careers page to reflect their inclusive and international employee culture. Their page focuses on company values with statements such as “Create a world where anyone can belong anywhere” and “Be a host: We’re caring, open, and encouraging to everyone we work with” in order to attract candidates that share the same beliefs.  

Instead of leading your careers page with job openings and specific details about the recruitment process, take a leaf out of Airbnb’s book and inspire candidates with a mission that they can connect with and stand behind.

Here are some other features to copy from Airbnb’s careers page:

• Candid pictures or videos of current employees during a typical day in your office that help candidates imagine themselves working there; Airbnb includes pictures from their various offices around the globe.

• A list of benefits that are on-brand with your company’s services or mission; Airbnb encourages employees to “live their best life” with annual travel and experiences credit.

• Enthusiastic employee testimonials that reveal a unique employee culture; one Airbnb employee says: "Airbnb is the type of place where you get calluses from clapping, strong fingers from coding, abs from laughing, and delicious food."

6. Oath

OathOath exhibits their modern technology and global reach right off the bat with a captivating 360 degree video. This “virtual tour” allows viewers to explore the cities that Oath has offices in, as well as the offices themselves. Not only does this give potential candidates an interactive look at life at Oath, it also attracts candidates who want to work for a company that is up to date with the latest innovative technology.

Even if your company isn’t focused on tech like Oath, get creative with how to show potential candidates what you do instead of simply telling them.  

Here are some other features to copy from Oath’s careers page:

• An interactive map with your office location or locations; Oath puts a white dot on each city that they are hiring in, and you can click on the dot to see their open positions in that location.

• An explanation of your wellness program; Oath lists their holistic benefits such as nap rooms, meditation spaces and tuition assistance.

• A cohesive aesthetic that illustrates your company culture and brand; with the 360 degree video as their feature piece, the rest of Oath’s page is black and white, including their pictures.

7. Netflix

NetflixAs a powerhouse in their industry, Netflix has decided to use their careers page to discuss behind-the-scenes topics that affect employees in film and television. They feature inclusive videos about two complex subjects that relate to their employee culture: “Taking Risks, Making Bets” and “International Women’s Day,” which both feature the thoughts and experiences of their diverse employees. This attracts passionate candidates who are looking to make a mark on their industry with a company that shares their mission.

To stand out as an authority in your industry like Netflix, show how your company is dealing with industry-specific subjects. Interact with the culture of your industry and exhibit how your company is improving or enhancing it.

Here are some other features to copy from Netflix’s careers page:

• Blog posts about your industry that connect your company to a broader subject; Netflix features articles such as “Netflix’s View: Internet Entertainment is Replacing Linear TV.”

• A statement about your work life philosophy; Netflix explains how they don’t have a set holiday schedule or a prescribed 9-to-5 workday in order to help employees balance their work lives with their personal lives.

• A noticeable search bar; Netflix has a large search bar at the very top of their page that allows candidates to search jobs by keyword--it’s impossible to miss.


A compelling and informative careers page may be the factor that helps you to recruit the top talent in your industry. In fact, 19% of all hires come from careers pages, which is more than any other recruitment channel, according to Deloitte’s 2015 Talent Acquisition research.

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