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Counter Offers Do Work Retention Rate Is Proof

September 7, 2018

We've compiled a report on employee job satisfaction and retention across HR professionals and management teams in Ireland and the UK to provide insight on current market trends. Here's what we found.

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Simple Tips To Optimize Your Careers Page

August 14, 2018

Your careers page is your shop window. When it comes to potential candidates, this is where they will go to get a feel for your company brand and see what your culture and values are. Multiple studies have shown the increasing importance of an engaging careers page in the digital age. 

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5 Careers Pages You Can Learn From

August 8, 2018

Your companies careers page is one of your most influential recruiting tools and probably one of the most important pages on your website. So why do so many companies choose to overlook it?

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How To Use Social Media To Recruit

August 2, 2018

Best social channels for recruiting There are many different channels you can use to recruit. Generally speaking, the best performing networks for recruiting are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Although, depending on who your target hire is, Snapchat or Instagram could be more effective. To source and attract the best candidates you need to go where your audience is. 

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Upcoming Hr and recruitment events not to miss!

July 30, 2018


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Help employees find purpose at work

July 23, 2018

Autonomy  It's not surprising that research shows we are motivated when we are in control of our decisions. At work, we have to pass this control over to our managers. Giving away our autonomy drains us of our motivation and many become disengaged with their work. Considering people do their best work when they feel in control of their career path, it makes sense to guide employees through their decisions rather than to decide for them.

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How To Provide a Positive Candidate Experience

July 17, 2018

The term 'candidate experience' is one that we've been hearing a lot of recently, but what does it mean and is it important?

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Build a strong careers page: 10 mistakes you're making

July 12, 2018

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Organise your emails! How to: Inbox zero

July 11, 2018

For many of us, our inboxes can be an irritating place. Chances are your inbox consists of a mountain of subscription emails (that you don't even remember signing up for), mail from your co-workers, spam and everything else which then becomes a frustrating nightmare that drains hours out of your day.

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Advancing your HR strategy: Create value through people

July 3, 2018

The role of the HR department has been changing over the years. Not only is it their role to make and on-board new hires, they also need to create the company culture in which they work. 

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